Thank You for supporting the LSSI Christmas Program!

Thank you for supporting the LSSI Christmas Program.  Your gifts will provide for families working diligently on the path to economic and family stability!


As a Christmas Program Sponsor, there are three ways to give:

1. Adopt a family directly through gifts of Walmart Gifts Cards.

Purchase Walmart gift cards through the link below, purchase them in store and mail them to LSSI, or drop them off at our Lewis Street Office.  LSSI will sit down with adults of the family to purchase gifts for children and groceries.  All items will be directly shipped to the family.

To adopt a family fill out this form: Christmas Program Sponsor Commitment Form

OR complete this Google Form for electronic submission: Google Form

To purchase gift cards online: Walmart E-Gift Cards


2. Purchase items directly from our Amazon Wishlist

LSSI has compiled a list of gifts most requested by families participating in the LSSI program (mostly small toys and clothing items.)  You can purchase items at the link below and items will be sent directly to LSSI for distribution to families.

Shop our Amazon Wishlist here:

Our list will be updated daily as availability of requested items changes often!


For more information:

Christmas Program FAQ

Christmas Program – 3 Ways to Participate 2022

Christmas Program Requested Item List


3. Direct support for greatest need

Donations via the form below will go to provide for families in greatest need at the discretion of the LSSI staff.  Funds will be designated specifically for the LSSI Christmas Program.