Lutheran Social Services is a nonprofit organization with over 100 years of experience in providing personalized, compassionate support for women and families.

Are you pregnant?

Before you talk to anyone else, learn why we are best prepared to help you. As a licensed nonprofit agency with decades of experience, we can assist you through the entire process, whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan. Choosing to place a child for adoption can seem like a scary decision, and understanding all of your options throughout this process can seem overwhelming. We will help you walk through this so that you feel confident about all of your choices in the process.

  • Calls and meetings are free and confidential.
  • There is no obligation.
  • We won't pressure you.
  • We'll put your needs first.
  • You'll make your own decisions.

If you need to talk to someone, call our 24/7 Pregnancy Hotline: (260) 494-8687.

As a birth mother, you have the right to:

  • Participate in the adoption planning.
  • Request help with pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses.
  • Choose from closed, semi-open, or open adoption.
  • Interview as many prospective families as necessary to make the best decision.
  • Choose the family that will raise your child.

Are you seeking to adopt?

Our mission is to create happy, healthy families. Our primary concern is the well-being of the baby, the birth mother, and you-the adoptive parents. We carefully help the birth mother reach a decision that's right for her and her baby. Once she has chosen adoption, she has reached that decision thoughtfully and without haste, reducing the likelihood she will change her mind or regret her decision. This makes for happier and healthier adoptions.

We provide:

  • Domestic home studies
  • Infant-adoption placement services
  • Post-placement visits
  • Consultation and training

For more information about adoption or to receive an adoption packet, call us at (260) 426-3347 or (888) 722-3678.

2015 Adoption outcomes

  • 100% of our adoptive families received education on the developmental needs of adoptees.
  • 85% of birth mothers received consistent prenatal care, improving outcomes for their infants at birth.
  • The adoption team achieved 100% customer satisfaction from quality-assurance surveys and phone calls.
  • The adoption staff continued training in evidenced-based practice skills of attachment and trauma-informed care.

How much does adoption cost?

We want your input!

Are you or someone you know considering expanding your family via adoption? Are you an adoptive parent? Lutheran Social Services of Indiana needs your opinion! Please fill out this very short survey for input on new training for families who have adopted or are considering adoption.